Herb Segars Photography

Herb Segars is a nature & wildlife photographer who specializes in marine subjects. Herb's favorite photographic studio is the waters off the coast of his home state of New Jersey. He has spent hundreds of hours beneath the nutrient rich green Atlantic photographing fish, invertebrates, turtles, whales, seahorses, seals & birds.

Herb & Veronica have traveled from the icy waters of Maine to the warm tropical Caribbean Sea. They have observed gray seals in Maine, mammoth humpback whales & bright yellow sea stars off Massachusetts, goosefish and lobsters in New Jersey, a leatherback turtle and Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, manatees in Florida, sharks, colorful marine fish and loggerhead turtles in the Bahamas.

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Our son, Tom, is in the HBO Movie, COMA. To learn more about Tom, click here!